Trinity Full Gospel Fellowship (TFGF)

Trinity Full Gospel Fellowship (TFGF), is an unincorporated non-profit association. Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches, Inc. (CFGC) is the parent organization of TFGF.

CFGC is dynamic in its relationship that supports and endorses Ministers to become Chaplains from all our current CFGC Participating Member Churches and Fellowships. CFGC is open to invite new Non-denominational Full Gospel Churches or Fellowship of a like mind in faith to join CFGC to be their official Ecclesiastical Endorser. Once a new Church or Fellowship joins CFGC, CFGC fully recognizes their Ordained Clergy Members at the highest level for future Ecclesiastical Endorsement for all the Chaplaincies CFGC supports.

There are two options for the previously unaffiliated prospective Minister/Chaplain may consider in their pursuit for future credentials or endorsement. First option, is to encourage the prospect to seek Ministerial Credentials with an existing Participating Member Church/Fellowship with CFGC if possible and/or if practical. This is especially true when the individual has previous credentials with an existing Member Church/Fellowship.

The second option is to be Ordained directly with Trinity Full Gospel Fellowship. TFGF is its own official Ordaining Body who is in direct connection to CFGC. TFGF/CFGC is not in in competition with Churches/Fellowships organizations to do so. CFGC believes that the local Church/Fellowship holds the primary responsibility to equip, train, develop and empower Ministers for the future. TFGF ordination is a viable option in those circumstances as deemed appropriate. Ordination with TFGF must be in completed in connection with the CFGC Bylaws & CFGC Chaplain Manual concerning future endorsement for the Chaplaincy. Often, ministers who are in-between professional clergy positions, in education, or clinical pastoral opportunities and are seeking a Chaplaincy Position will seek TFGF direct ordination.