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We appreciate your interest in chaplaincy 

Friday, June 22, 2018 9:07:00 AM

Welcome to Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches, Inc.


       We are approved and authorized by the Department of Defense to endorse Military Chaplains since 1984. Additionally, we are recognized by the Veterans Administration, Federal Bureau of Prisons and many other governmental and private institutions and agencies that employ chaplains to minister in a variety of specialized settings including: Correctional, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response services (Fire & EMT), Health Care, Education, and workplace ministries.


We are an Endorsing Agency

for those who believe that the power, gifts,

 and fruits of the Holy Spirit are available to believers today!


God calls all the staff of CFGC

to be the servants to the servants of God!


We realize that a Chaplain is more than just another minister. Chaplains are called on to operate in a pluralistic environment and we must hold each other accountable to that and to the standards God has placed before us.


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