Rev. Margie Thrower


After the loss of my husband in 1986 I moved from Missouri to Texas as my son, mother and stepfather lived there.  In August 1991, I received a phone call from a lady who identified herself as Charlene Ammerman.  She said, “I understand you need a job and I need a secretary.”  My response was, “Yes, I do, but I’m not sure I’m what you need.” Two days later she called and told me to come to work in two days.  I’ve been with CFGC ever since that day.


I had been active in volunteer prison ministry and was ordained in May 2000.  I continue to be active with various marketplace ministries that my Home Team is involved in.  

I serve as Personnel Manager as well as myriad other tasks that work together with other staff to keep the office routine operating smoothly.  I have to say it has been far beyond my expectations.  I have met so many wonderful, loving people through my time here and I look forward to the future.


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